RIP Arthur Louis – The Black Cat, Knockin’ on Heaven’s door

One day I’m gonna wake up

“One day I’m gonna wake up, rub the sleep from my eyes

One day I’m gonna wake up, and realise

It’s all a dream

I see a kind of emptiness, and love seems hollow too

The only time that I feel all right, is when I’m next to you

Everywhere I go, everything that I do

Keeps me seeing things that remind me of you….”

Arthur was so many things to so many people, and one of a kind. Always sunshine, we were very fortunate to know him and to have his support. He remains unique: one of the first musicians to successfully fuse Rock, Blues and Reggae together. A bluesman of Jamaican parentage, he attended Michigan University before finding his way to England. Arthur released his own unique & heralded  version of Knockin on Heaven’s Door in 1974. He was also responsible for introducing Mike Oldfield to Virgin Records. Please see wikipedia and Arthur’s website…we miss him.


Childline Rocks

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