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1 - 12 September

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London – Denver – Louisville, Colorado

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Fellow Sons……

I am delighted to enclose the new and final itinerary for the 2016 Great British Invasion-Entitled:

“Thunder in the Mountains, cool wind in your hair-Couldn’t get much higher !”

Your presence is formerly demanded…and this you do not wish to miss !

And after much deliberation, exhuberation, wailing, gnashing of teeth and excitement we have successfully managed to reduce the cost and substantially improve the itinerary of our next jolly jape. The more one looked at it, the more one came to realise just how spectacular the state of Colorado is. To really appreciate this state, we need to get under its skin and lift its skirts !

This ride will take in over 50% of all the gold rated (source:Butler’s Maps) rides in the Colorado, and promises to be the most visually spectacular ride that we have ever undertaken.
Colorado is also rich in it’s musical history: Joe Walsh went to live there, took a look out his window..and wrote the classic “Rocky Mountain Way”. Joe Cocker bought a ranch and lived out his days there.
If you get under the skin (or up the skirts) of this ride-which is part of the theme- you will start to understand. Butch Cassidy robbed his first bank here, and Aspen has the most expensive real estate in the United States(one leads to the other? Ed).

Come and join us ! Click THUNDER IN THE MOUNTAINS to book. (Coming soon).

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