The Great British Invasion 2014

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England Rocks Hands across the Water…Going down to the Crossroads…the ‘Gator glides low in the Water

2014 will see the 4th Childline Rocks/Sons of Royalty annual Harley Davidson fundraising motorcycle (and car) ride for the charity Childline, which is twinned with the NSPCC. All participants are patched as members of the Sons of Royalty-motto “The Crow Flies Straight”.

This band of japers continues to grow, attract new members and international interest. Our rides have taken us through some of the most scenery North America has to offer: British Columbia, Montana(Going to the Sun Road and the Beartooth Highway), Idaho(the Sawtooth Mountains), Wyoming(Yellowstone, the Tetons and the Wind River Range), Utah(the Flaming Gorge, Park City-home to the Sundance Film Festival-Arches & Zion National parks, Monument Valley) and Colorado(Telluride & the Million Dollar Highway). Existing SOR members include suits, special forces veterans, best selling authors, wandering minstrels, legendary British Rock Musicians and even a distant living relative of Butch Cassidy who was recently accorded honorary membership of the Hole in the Wall Gang.  The 2013 ride was completely mind-blowing, so how on earth do we continue our tradition of “topping it” year after year?

The answer, lies in the roots…

There isn’t a spot on Planet Earth that has seen a soundtrack as influential as the American South. Go on-try and name a region, anywhere in the world, that can sing a sweeter song than this: blues, rock ‘n roll, bluegrass, soul, funk and R&B all grew up here. Alternative and Indie Rock came here for college, and hip hop settled here after graduation. The sounds of the South cut through lines of race, colour and creed and owe a mountain of debt to the composition of the South from which endless musical legends and styles have emerged. This is a racially mixed land of milk and honey. How sweet it is!

The ride will take us through 3 states: through the Mississippi Delta and right into Cajun Country. The Mississippi River, swamps, former cotton plantations, legendary jook joints and antebellum houses. And some of the finest cuisine the USA has to offer…

So, here we go…

To view the itinerary click here

For more information email either Daryl Clark at or Helen Whitaker at

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